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Port Canaveral’s Role in Carnival’s Return to Service

Carnival Cruise ship docked in the Caribbean

When Carnival cancelled 2020 cruises from all but two Florida ports, many travelers were left disappointed. But despite the setback of November’s cancellations, Carnival’s CEO Arnold Donald is very hopeful about returning to service this December. He stated that he is “optimistic” about guests cruising from American ports before the end of the year, somewhere between 4.5 and 4.9 on a scale of 1-5. 

Carnival’s decision of which Florida cruise ports to utilize was intentional. Besides being some of the biggest and most popular cruise ports in the world, Port Canaveral and Miami have one important thing in common: they are both considered drive markets.

In other words, these ports are easily accessible by car, allowing the majority of cruisers to avoid flying in for their vacation. When traveling by car, exposure to others is greatly reduced compared to being in the airport and on a plane. Carnival intends for their cruisers to take advantage of the drive-in-friendly nature of their Florida ports in addition to implementing health measures at the terminals and on their ships. This contributes to a safer environment overall for their guests and crew.

Flights are becoming more expensive, so if you happen to have a cruise booked from Port Canaveral this year, you may now be considering driving instead. Not only will you save some money, but you’ll gain peace of mind knowing you won’t be catching more than just a flight and in turn exposing fellow cruisers. With the money you save, you can even pre-book a hotel package for the night before your cruise that includes parking and transfers to your ship. This is especially beneficial when coming from out of state or more than just a few hours away. After all, the last thing you want is to miss your ship because of traffic.

Go Port’s Snooze Park Cruise packages make driving in the day before your cruise a breeze. Packages include a hotel stay, parking, and cruise transfers. With over 30 hotels in the Orlando and Port Canaveral areas to choose from, finding a package that complements your route and meets your needs couldn’t be easier. Accommodations can be customized to include hotel arrangements before and even after your cruise. The day you embark, you’ll park at our plaza located just 5 minutes from the port. From there, you’ll be dropped off at your ship with plenty of time to board. You can even get to your cruise ship early with shuttle times starting at 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM. When your cruise returns, we’ll take you back to your vehicle.

If you prefer to drive in the morning of your cruise, Go Port also offers the best value in Port Canaveral parking at our plaza. Instead of paying per day, our Cruise Parking package includes transfers to your ship for one low price based on the number of travelers in your vehicle. You can get up to 15 days of cruise parking, starting at just $60.

It’s important to note that Go Port’s hotel partners have already established new practices, including face masks, social distancing, enhanced cleaning protocols, and even contactless check-in. As for our hotel partners that offer breakfast, contactless food delivery and “grab and go” options have now been implemented. All Go Port team members at our cruise parking plaza and at the port will be routinely health screened and will wear protective equipment. Buses will also be cleaned regularly in accordance with the CDC’s guidelines. Additionally, social distancing will be enforced while boarding any of our vehicles.

With a drive market, new high-tech Terminal 3, and the Mardi Gras setting sail in February 2021, Port Canaveral’s role in Carnival’s return to service is vital. The return of cruising will be gradual, but Port Canaveral has what it takes to start it off strong.

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