Hotel accommodations paired with cruise parking and ship transfers.
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Hotels Near Port Canaveral With Cruise Parking and Ship Transfers

All the arrangements you need ashore in a simple package. Reserve your hotel accommodations, cruise parking, and ship transfers in one easy step.

For cruisers driving in, Go Port's Snooze Park Cruise hotel packages include everything you need ashore. Each listing includes hotel accommodations, cruise parking, and round-trip ship transfers. Finding a package that fits your budget and travel needs has never been easier. Simply choose from one of our various hotel options and we'll take care of the rest.

Packages can be customized to include hotel arrangements before and/or after your cruise. On the day of your cruise, you'll park at our plaza located just a few minutes from Port Canaveral and be dropped off right at your ship by one of our air-conditioned shuttles. When your cruise returns, we will be waiting right outside your terminal to take you back to your vehicle. Watch this short video to experience how our Snooze Park Cruise packages work.

What's included in a Snooze Park Cruise hotel package?

Our Snooze Park Cruise packages include everything you need ashore when driving in for your Port Canaveral cruise.