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Ship Spotlight: Enchantment of the Seas

enchantment of the seas

The Enchantment of the Seas is a unique ship.  She is one of Royal Caribbean’s Vision class, 6 ships built around having more windows than any other cruise ship at the time.  Other than this unifying concept, the Vision class has very little in common across the class though.  The ships were built as three matching pairs, but each iteration is different than the others and the name of the class comes from Vision of the Seas.  The last of the ships built.  From the start the Enchantment shared a plan only with her twin the Grandeur of the Seas.  Then in 2005 the Enchantment was split in half and had a 72 foot long section inserted in the middle.  While her twin the Grandeur of the Seas was scheduled to undergo the same procedure, the costs proved prohibitive and the shipyard time was used to build the Freedom class instead.  Today, the Enchantment of the Seas is truly like no other ship.

Enchantment of the seas cut in half

Enchantment of the Seas Staterooms and Suites

The inside of the ship is decorated in shades of teal and gold. The staterooms whether interior, exterior, or balcony feature two single beds that can be converted into queens. There are three types of staterooms aboard the Enchantment: Family, Large, and regular. The oceanview staterooms all fall under the Family and Large categories. Every stateroom offers a sitting area, vanity, and a private bathroom. Bathrooms are shower only with fairly plain decor in the colors of peach and cream.

Some of the quieter cabins to be had aboard the Enchantment of the Seas are on Deck 2. The only thing above the second deck cabins are more cabins which makes Deck 2 one of the quietest places to sleep on the Enchantment. However, the crew and service decks are below and there can be some propeller noise heard in cabins towards the rear.  It is also the lowest deck on the ship that has guest accommodations.  There are no balconies or suites on this level.  Although for those that believe a cabin on a cruise is only for sleeping Deck 2 offers what is likely the best value aboard the Enchantment of the Seas.

In contrast Deck 3 hosts some of least desirable cabins on the ship. Cabins toward the rear are directly below the main dining room on the ship. Late-risers may not be able to sleep through breakfast for the sound of dining above them. Moving forward some of the cabins are reputed to be cramped . The fourth deck is supposedly roomier, but the noise problem can be just as bad as Deck 3 as the round the clock casino and late-show-playing theater are directly above.

Suites on the Enchantment of the Seas are diverse in size-a result of the added section-but all have balconies. Deck 7 is the lowest deck with suites, with a few junior suites at the back. Their balconies are possibly the most comfortable available on the ship being largely out of the way of the wind generated by the ship sailing forward. A deck above is the Enchantments uptown with the penthouses, royal suites, and owner’s suites all on Deck 8. Staterooms both exterior and interior are available on these two decks and the budget minded cruiser may want to keep in mind that the best stewards are assigned to suites, and they may receive a better quality of service by booking an interior stateroom on one of these two decks without a commiserate rise in price. Bear in mind that there may be noise issues on both of these decks. Deck 7 is above the Enchantment’s main lounge and Deck 8 is directly below the Lido deck with its pools, lounges, and outdoor entertainment.

No matter what deck you’re booking a wave machine, ear plugs, or other way to ensure a good night’s rest seems like a wise investment. Alternatively, an active schedule that participates in dining, theaters, and sun bathing can keep you out of your room and being the one making the noise instead of trying to block it out with a pillow.

Pool deck on the Enchantment of the Seas

Staying Connected

Royal Caribbean has been rolling out high speed internet connections that compare with internet connections on land. While not exactly cheap this new Voom internet is more reasonably price than the traditional per minute plans aboard most cruise ships. Unfortunately, Enchantment of the Seas has not had the prerequisite equipment upgrades, and the old per-minute plan applies. The rates are as follows:

• $35.00 for 60 minutes
• $55.00 for 100 minutes
• $75.00 for 150 minutes
• $100.00 for 250 minutes
• $150.00 for 500 minutes

This is restrictive compared to what is available on land, and the speed is comparable to an old dial-up connection. This means that things like Wi-Fi calling are not an option, and an exorbitant price for calls and text apply to your cellular phone as determined by your carrier. It is recommended that you simply set your phone in airplane mode and enjoy your cruise and wait for port calls to try and keep in touch with friends and family back home.

If you must use the internet to keep in touch then it is recommended that you use a little foresight. Composing emails before logging in to send them can conserve data minutes. Likewise setting a laptop to not connect automatically to the ships Wi-Fi will save you data time and money.

Entertainment and Activities

As part of the stretching two skybridges on either side of the ship were added making for some spectacular views at sea and as the ship sails into its different ports of calls. Also part of the expansion was a splash pool and a bungee trampoline, both of which are sure to delight kids. A sit down at the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream parlor should appeal to both kids and their parents alike after a day of bouncing and splashing topside.

For adults there are diversions like the solarium pool which features a sliding glass roof that can be closed in case of rainy weather. The Orpheum Theater offers live Broadway productions and original productions. Those that don’t like musicals can retreat to any one of 8 lounges, or the casino.

Coco Cay Beach


The Enchantment of the Seas sails 3 night Bahamas cruises from Port Canaveral that stop in Nassau and Royal Caribbean’s private island CocoCay (Little Stirrup Cay). It’s a short itinerary and one that is budget friendly. The Enchantment of the Seas is ideal for a first time cruise for vacationers that aren’t sure cruises are for them. Although those that have to take a cross country flight may wish to combine some shore side activities in Florida like a visit to the theme parks or other attractions in order to justify the length and expense of the flight.
You should also take into consideration that Nassau doesn’t have the best reputation, and that good sense and awareness of yourself and your surroundings should be exercised while in port. CocoCay however is more likely to be what a cruiser expects on a Caribbean vacation and offers snorkeling, kayaking, and other beachside diversions. A powerwheels track should be a big hit with younger children.

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