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How we save you money.

Port Canaveral hotel packages with no hidden fees

Fly Snooze Cruise and Snooze Park Cruise Packages for less than the Hotels?

Go Port serves the unique needs of the cruise traveler. We use our bulk purchasing power to get the best prices on hotel accommodations and transportation in the Port Canaveral area.

Saving you time, as well as money.

With our convenient selection of brand name Port Canaveral hotels, we make it easy to create a perfect, budget-friendly, carefree cruise vacation.

No Hidden Costs: everything is included in the package and explained up front.

Travel with confidence knowing customer care services are just a phone call away at 321-735-8833 and toll-free 855-755-4637 from 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM ET 7 days.

It's your vacation. We just make it easy.

Our goal at Go Port is simple. We want to delight you with our services and the savings we offer so you'll come back again and again for all your cruising needs while ashore. So start shopping now.