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Hurricane Season: 3 Cruising Tips You Should Know

It’s that time of year again… the start of hurricane season. Here are three things you should know if you plan on cruising.

1. Be Flexible

Statistically speaking, the chances of your cruise being cancelled because of a hurricane are slim. But, that doesn’t mean changes to your itinerary are not a possibility. If you’re taking a cruise during hurricane season, make sure you do it with the right attitude. Cancelled cruises are rare, but ships can easily change course or rearrange itineraries in order to avoid a storm. Even the mere threat of bad weather conditions can disrupt your plans. So be prepared to be a bit spontaneous if your cruise line decides to re-route the ship or switch ports.

2. Get a Deal

Hurricane season is one of the best times to get a discount on a cruise. This is due to the fact that there is a greater chance your itinerary may be affected. For a lot of people, it’s worth the risk. As mentioned above, cruise ships can often switch ports or alter itineraries in order to avoid sailing into a storm. If you’re okay with change and aren’t set on specific destinations, then a hurricane season cruise might be perfect for you. Plus, not knowing where you’re headed can add a little excitement to your vacation!

3. Plan Ahead

It’s always a good idea to extend your vacation an extra couple days before and after your cruise. Travel delays happen all the time, especially during hurricane season. Last year, about 20% of flights were either delayed or cancelled from June- November. By staying in a hotel a night or two before your cruise, you give yourself some extra buffer time to accommodate any weather-related setbacks. So save yourself the stress of worrying about missing your cruise due to flight delays or traffic and let Go Port take care of your pre and post cruise accommodations. You can book a Fly Snooze Cruise package including your hotel stay, airport transportation and cruise transfers for as little as $96!

Port Canaveral Fly Snooze Cruise

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