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Port Canaveral to Orlando Airport Transportation: Compare Options

Port Canaveral is the busiest cruise port in the world, meaning finding transportation after your cruise to fly back home can be more stressful than anticipated. With the Orlando International Airport being located 45 miles away from your ship, it’s important you find a way to get to the airport that is both efficient and reliable so you don’t miss your flight. Lucky for you, we break down the most common types of Port Canaveral to Orlando Airport transportation services to help you decide which option is best.

Port Canaveral to Orlando Airport (MCO) Shuttle

Go Port shuttle on the way from Port Canaveral to Orlando Airport (MCO)

Pre-arranging Port Canaveral transportation is key for a stress-free experience. There are many reasons why  most cruisers opt to book cruise transfers in advance.

Not only are they easy to reserve, but shared shuttles are simply the most convenient, comfortable, and trusted form of Port Canaveral to Orlando Airport transportation. By booking pre-arranged shuttle service transfers with a company like Go Port, you can purchase the same type of transportation your cruise line offers for less. Best of all, there are no surprises, as the price is a fixed cost. There is also plenty of room for your suitcases, bags, strollers, and other mobility devices, with luggage assistance at your service to take care of it all. Additionally, booking your transportation well in advance is one less thing to worry about as you enjoy your cruise!

Rideshare Services

Person's hand holding a phone that says "Ridesharing"

Ride services like Uber and Lyft may seem like a convenient choice at first glance. However, several factors can quickly sour the experience. Surge pricing can skyrocket costs, especially during peak hours or when there’s high demand from thousands of cruisers with the same idea as you. The distance between Orlando Airport to Port could also contribute to higher fares, and many drivers can choose to decline your request due to the 45- mile trek. To save money, you could opt to do a shared ride, but this could mean an even longer commute. 

Additionally, there’s the matter of waiting for your ride to arrive. Depending on the day and time, you could find yourself waiting longer than expected. If you’re traveling with a larger group or have lots of luggage, you’ll need to order larger (and more expensive) vehicle options or multiple cars, further increasing costs.

Car services are also an option, but they come with a much higher price and need to be booked well in advance.

Rental Cars

Person's hand holding a key to the grey rental car in the background

Rental cars offer a sense of autonomy and flexibility, but they come with their own set of hassles. You’ll need to handle the paperwork, deal with potential fuel costs, and navigate unfamiliar roads. On top of that, the closest rental car location is half a mile from Cruise Terminal 1, meaning you will have to walk far or take a bus to get there – adding to the overall inconvenience. Once you do finally get your rental and arrive at the Orlando Airport (MCO), returning the rental car can add another layer of stress, especially if you’re on a tight schedule.

The rental costs themselves can also add up, especially when you factor in insurance and any extra fees. And, unlike with Go Port’s fixed rates, the price you initially see when booking a rental car may not include these additional costs.


Taxis parked in a line at the airport

Taxis are another option, but they can be costly due to the significant distance between Port Canaveral and the Orlando Airport. Similar to ride-sharing services, you might encounter long waits during peak times, and the cost is not fixed, making budgeting more difficult.

Port Canaveral to Orlando Airport Transportation Comparison

Port Canaveral to Orlando Airport Transportation Comparison Chart

The choice is clear. Relying on ride-share services, rental cars, and taxis can be both pricey and unpredictable. On top of that, luggage space is limited with these options – typically leaving only enough room to accommodate a couple travelers and their belongings. By reserving cruise shuttle transfers with Go Port, you’ll know that your seat is guaranteed, allowing you to make it to the airport in time to catch your afternoon flight.

Check out what one of Go Port’s customers said about their experience:

I used Go Port to travel from Royal Caribbean’s port at Cape Canaveral to MCO. It was extremely easy to reserve and very convenient. It is better than the uncertainty of getting an Uber/Lyft when you are fighting with thousands of other cruise travelers looking to exit at the exact same time” – Quy Nguyen | Google Reviews

Make your cruise vacation seamless from start to finish by reserving your shuttle transportation from Port Canaveral to the Orlando Airport with Go Port here: https://www.goport.com/port-canaveral-to-orlando-airport-shuttle

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