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5 Reasons You NEED a Go Port Canaveral Hotel Package

swimming with cruise in the background

Booking your stateroom and enjoying your cruise is easy. Getting everyone you’re cruising with to the cruise terminal comfortably and on time without spending a fortune is harder. You need to arrive a day early in order to make sure weather or other problems don’t cause you to miss your cruise, book a hotel, and arrange transportation from the hotel to Port Canaveral. Then after your cruise, you need to arrange a way back to the airport. We’re guessing you want to do this without spending as much money on your “before and after cruise needs” as you spent on your cruise.

To get to the cruise terminal as inexpensively as possible, you NEED a Go Port Snooze Cruise Package. It removes the hassle of booking services separately and saves you time as well as money.

You NEED to Get Away from the Airport

Don't get stuck at the airport

When you book a cruise, your airfare and transportation from the airport to the hotel isn’t included.

You can book through the cruise line, but the markup is steep. You can try putting it together yourself but a hotel near Port Canaveral doesn’t usually have an airport shuttle, and a hotel near the airport that has an airport shuttle usually doesn’t offer a shuttle to Port Canaveral. Coordinating the two is going to take time and money, and an airport hotel that usually caters to business travelers and theme park guests may not understand the unique needs of a cruiser.

Instead, take advantage of a Go Port Fly Snooze Cruise package. You and everyone in your group can be checked into one of our partner hotels close to the Orlando International Airport (MCO) just minutes after catching the regularly scheduled shuttle from the airport. The other two airports in the Port Canaveral area, Sanford-Orlando and Orlando-Melbourne, are also served by Go Port’s reliable and courteous airport to hotel transportation.

You NEED a Place to Park

Non-cruise parking can result in extra expenses

If you live in places as far apart as Virginia and Tennessee, then driving to the Port Canaveral area is a way to save on airfare. You can also pack everything you need on your cruise without having to worry about being charged for extra bags. It also makes it convenient to see the attractions in Central Florida before, or after your cruise. You can’t take your car with you on the ship, though. You’ll need to find a safe place to park. You can park at Port Canaveral, but parking at the port is charged by calendar day. Meaning that on a 7-day cruise you’re charged for 8-days. That’s an unfair expense, and it’s one you can avoid.

Parking is free with a Go Port Snooze Park Cruise, or stand alone Port Canaveral cruise parking where you pay a one time tax-free fee as low as $10 per person for roundtrip transportation from the parking lot to the cruise terminals.

You NEED to Relax

woman relaxes in her hotel room.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve arrived by plane or by car, once you’re in the Port Canaveral area it’s time to relax, and a light meal and conversation over quiet drinks is a nice way to do so. Especially after a day of traveling. Many of Go Port’s hotel partners offer a manager’s reception, or an evening social with snacks and complimentary soft drinks, wine, and beer. Allowing you to relax, and to raise a glass in a toast to the adventure that starts tomorrow. A few hotels that offer these amenities are: Residence Inn Lake Nona, the Courtyard at Lake Nona, Embassy Suites at MCO, and Staybridge Suites in Orlando.

If that isn’t what you’re looking for, then you can take advantage of amenities like the fitness center to work out, the pool to relax, or just enjoy premium channels and movies on demand in your room before sleeping. You can even reserve a package at the Florida Hotel, a hotel inside of the Florida Mall for a little retail therapy.

We have a package for every cruiser’s budget, and with a Go Port hotel package you can relax: all of your on-shore cruise needs, and everyone in your group, are taken care of for one low price.

You NEED to Get Some Sleep

A young woman sleeping comfortably at a Go Port hotel

If all you want to do is rest the day before you embark on your voyage, then Go Port has economical hotel packages just for that. Snooze Cruise packages in Titusville, Cocoa, and Cocoa Beach are near Port Canaveral, allowing you to sleep later. Our hotel partners near Orlando International Airport get you checked in just minutes after the regularly scheduled shuttle picks you up. You can sleep easily, wake up and enjoy a complimentary breakfast at a hotel partner that offers one, or at a nearby restaurant, and catch the shuttle out to Port Canaveral well rested, and well fed.

It’s the best way to embark on your cruise.

You NEED to Get to the Pier, and Back to the Airport

Cruise ships docked in port.

You want to get yourself and everyone onboard the ship for your marvelous cruise vacation. Having our cruise experts handle your travel needs ashore saves you time and money, and takes the stress out of getting to the ship.

Included in your Go Port package is transportation for everyone in your party, to any Port Canaveral cruise terminal. A shuttle will arrive at your hotel, or parking lot, at the scheduled pick up time to transport you to the port, in air conditioned comfort. Getting you to your ship on time.

When you return, you simply take the continuously running shuttle to Orlando International Airport, or your parking lot. These shuttles are on a first come first-served basis, if you have a flight before noon, you’ll want to consider upgrading to express transportation to get to the airport sooner. Orlando-Melbourne or Sanford-Orlando airports are served by on demand direct transportation, making getting back home as easy as getting away from it all.

It’s a carefree cruise that includes everyone, and takes care of everything. Click below to take care of all your onshore cruising needs.

go port canaveral hotel package with airport shuttle and cruise transfers

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